Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rachille's Rate Problems

Group Word Problems

1) Billy eats at a fancy restaurant. He enjoys their sandwiches so much that he wants to buy 87 of them. Each sandwich costs $72.00. How much money does he need?

2) Henny the hen lays 5 eggs every 5 hours. How many eggs does she lay every hour?

Own Word Problems

1) Sam traveled the distance of 50 km/hour on his bike. He plans on biking for another 150 km. How many hours will it take him to bike 200 km?

2) Alex is planning a big party for his friend Jimmy. He has 500 chairs and 50 tables to fit all of his guests, but doesn't know how to distribute the chairs evenly. How many chairs can fit he in each table?


  1. Rachille the answer to you Group problem number 2 is 1 because five eggs is the same as fave hours and one hour is the same as one egg. >.<

    Rewrite Group Problem number 2:
    Henny the hen lays 10 eggs every 10 hours.How many eggs does she lay every hour?