Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rachille's Proportion Problems


1)To make lemonade, you need 6 lemons and 8 cups of water. How many lemons would you need if you have 24 cups of water?

Let x be the amount of lemons for 24 cups of water. 
Word ratio, ratio table, find x (cross product)
You would need 18 lemons to make lemonade with 24 cups of water.


2) The ratio of an objects weight on Earth to its weight on the moon is 6:1. the first person to walk on the moon was Neil Armstrong. He weighed 165 lb on Earth. How much did he weigh on the moon?

Let x be how much Neil weighed on the moon. 
Word ratio, ratio table, find x (cross product) 

Neil Armstrong weighed 27.5 lb on the moon.

A Word Problem for You
*At the Copy Shoppe, 18 copies cost $1.08. At that rate, how much will 40 copies cost?


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  2. For the word problem given to us, I got an answer of $2.40 because:
    Let x be the $ for 40 copies
    Steps: Word Ratio, Ratio Table, Find x

    Copies l $
    18 $1.08
    40 x


    1.08 x 40 = 18(x)
    43.2 = 18x
    43.2/18 = 18x/18
    2.40 = x

    So it cost $2.40 for 40 copies.

    Also, very neat pictures as well as the Model and Work

  3. Answer for your question:
    ~For 40 copies it would cost you $2.40
    (I got the answer by doing cross multiplication)