Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ileana's Proportion Problems


#9   1)  To make lemonade, you need 6 lemons and 8 cups of water. How many lemons do you need if you have 24 cups of water?
       Let x be the number of lemons you need if there are 24 cups of water
       Word Ratio, Ratio Table, Ratio

You need 18 lemons if you have 24 cups of water.

#21   2)  3 posters costs $9.60. At that rate, how many posters can you buy for $48?

       Let x be the number of posters you can buy for $48
       Word Ratio, Ratio Table, Ratio

At that rate, you can buy 15 posters.

Your Problem:
          At Discount Copy, 12 copies cost $0.66. Melissa needs 56 copies. How much should they cost?


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  2. the answer for the question is......
    let x be the cost of the 56 copies
    word ratio, ratio table, find x

    cost copies
    0.66 12
    x 56

    12(x) = 0.66(56)
    12 x = 36.56/12
    x = $3.08

    56 copies cost $3.08

  3. The answer for your question is:
    ~56 copies would cost $3.08
    (I got the answer by doing cross multiplication)