Tuesday, November 4, 2014

James's rate problem

If Bob had 20 apples per milk, how much milk would Bob had if he have 40 apples?

If Antonio drove  50km per hour, how many hours will it take for Antonio to reach 500 km?

 If Jericho drove for 60km in 3 hours and Angelica drove for 45 km in 2 1/2 hours, who is the faster driver?

Inside a store there is a can of tomato sauce in three sizes, $1.50 for 250 mL, $2.25 for 500 and $4.00 for 1000mL. Which of the three sizes is the best buy?


  1. ok james here is my problem for you
    If david drove 100km per hour, how many hours will david reach 1000km

  2. Wew james the answer is Jericho the fastest. I did 60/3 i got 20km/hours. I did the same for Angelica and Angelica got 18km/hours