Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Heart's Rate Problems

Our Group's Rate Problem (Rate- Unit Rate)

There was a farmer named JM. He left his farm from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM. When he came back, the chicken he was taking care of laid 5 chicken eggs. How many chicken eggs did the chickens laid per hour?

My Rate Problem (Rate- Unit Rate)

Luhan traveled 100 miles per 13 hours using his car. How many miles did he traveled for just an hour?

Our Group's Rate Problem (Unit Rate- Rate)

Krystal decided to do a long drive from Winnipeg to Calgary and made a choice not to change her speed the whole drive. She will make it to Calgary in just 4 hours. if her speed is 50 km/ hr, how many kilometers did she traveled the whole 4 hrs?

My Rate Problem (Unit Rate- Rate)

Jessica bought 1 pencil for every 2 papers. How many papers will there be if Jessica decided to buy 12 pencils?


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  2. 3)The answer I got is 200km for 4 hours because if you take 50km x 4 it will give you 200km. So Krystal drove 200km after 4 hours.

    My Question: Philly decided to do a long drive from Alberta to Manitoba and made a choice not to change his speed the whole drive. He will make it to Manitoba in just 8 hours. if her speed is 70 km/ hr, how many kilometers did she traveled the whole 8 hrs?

    1. Philly drove 560 km/ 8 hours. Because if you simply multiply 70 km by 8, you'll get 560. :)

  3. The answer for #2 is 7.6923 km /hour because 100/13=7.6923 , 7.6923 x 1 = 7.6923

    2) Kai travelled 6608 miles in 24 hours from Canada to Korea with an airplane . If Kai wants to travel from Korea to Philippines which is 1630 miles, how many hours will it take for him to arrive ?

    1. It will take Kai about 97 hours and 30 minutes until he arrives at the Philippines. I simply did 6608÷1630 and after that, I multiplied the answer by 24. :)