Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Henrielle's Rate Problem

Unit rate to Rate question:

Doctors monitored a patient who's having a heart attack. If the patient is having 70 heart beats per minute. How many heart beat does the patient have for 1 hour?


Joshua played 24 hours in total per a week. How many hours is he playing for 5 weeks? (Group Question)


Rate to Unit rate question:

There are 10 chairs per 5 tables. How many chairs are there per table?

There are 12 paint brushes and 6 people. How many does one person gets? (Group Question)


  1. The answer for the 2nd word problem is 120 hours. I know this because 24 x 5 = 120.

    Now, here is your word problem:
    Joshua played 33 hours in total per week. How many hours is he playing for 9 weeks?

  2. The answer in your paint brush and people problem is 2. I got this by dividing 12 to 6= 2 and then 2 multiply by 1= 2.

    This is my problem for you:
    There are 50 paint brushes and 13 people. How many does one person gets?

    1. they'll get 0.26 paint brush o_O those numbers are not compatible that's why I've got that number for an answer