Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Charlene's Proportion Problem

 Proportion Problems

1) If 3 twinkies cost $1, how much is it for 15 twinkies

The number of twinkies for $15 is 5 .
2)  An amusement park line is moving about 4 feet every 15 minutes. At this rate, approximately how long will it take for  person at the back of the 50 foot line to reach the front of the line.

 187. 5 min is approximately how long it would take a person at the back of a 50 foot line to get to the font.

My question for you:
A diagram measuring 20cm long is reduced on a copy machine to 15cm long. If the width of the original copy is 16cm what is the width of the reduced copy.


  1. The answer to your question is 12 cm wide. I solved this by doing cross products.
    Btw I like the way you showed your work by using Tang :)

  2. Let x be the reduced copy for the 16 cm copy
    Steps word ratio, ratio table, proportion, find x
    Original Copy | Reduced Copy
    20 cm 15 cm
    16 cm x

    20 * x = 15 * 16
    20x = 240
    /20 /20
    x = 12

    The width of the reduced copy is 12 cm.

  3. Answer: 12 cm is width for a reduced copy. I solved this by using cross products!

  4. I love how the flavor of the twinkies you put in the picture is vanilla! :) ha

  5. I like how instead of taking a picture of your work, you just used paint or something ..! :)