Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fili's Proportion Problems

Proportion Problems
1) Sam can do 12 math problems in 45 minutes. How long will it take for Sam to finish 20 math problems
Let x be the minutes for 20 math problems
Steps: Word Ratio, Ratio table, Find x

 Sam can do 20 math problems in 75 minutes

2) Sam is trying to make lemonade. He can make lemonade with 6 lemons and 8 cups of water. How many lemons does Sam need if he has 24 cups of water.

Let x be the amount of lemons needed for 24 cups of water
Steps: Word Ratio, Ratio Table, Find x
Sam needs a total of 18 lemons for 24 cups of water

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  1. Fili, where is your third question? And we were also suppose to add pics just like our rate and unit rate problem (including the link). But you did a good job in the two questions! yay *thumbs up emoji* :)