Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Justin's Rate Problem

rate to unit rate
If there's 6 girls per 2 boys how many girls if there's only one boy?

rate to unit rate
If 5 chickens lays 10 eggs per 5 hours. How many chicken eggs has been laid in the next 20 hours?

unit rate to rate
If Bryan is driving 50 kilometers per hour? how many kilometers will Bryan reach in 5 hours?

unit rate to rate
If there are 24 hours per 1 week how many hours will be in the next 2 weeks?


  1. Justin the answer is 48 hours. There are 48 hours in the next 2 weeks

  2. Bryan's Driving Problem
    50 multiplied by 5 is 250. In 5 hours he will have driven 250 km.

    If Bryan is driving 80 km per hour. In 6 hours how far will he have reached?

    1. Zack the answer to your problem is 480 km that bryan will reach in 6 hours