Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jm's Rate Problem

 Group Problem :
1) There was a farmer named J.M. he left his farm from 1 pm to 6 pm. When he came back the chickens he was taking care of laid 5 chicken eggs. How many chicken eggs did the chicken laid per hour?

2) Krystal decided to do a long drive from Winnipeg to Calgary and made a choice to not change her speed the whole drive. She will make it to Calgary in 4 hours. If her speed is 50km/hour. How many kilometers did she traveled the whole 4 hours?

My own problem :
1) If there are 15 cats per 10 dogs, how many cats are there if there is only 5 dogs?

2) If David drove 100 miles/13 hours, how many hours did it take to get to 100 miles?


  1. jm the answer in number 1 is there are 7.5 cats

  2. Jm here is my problem for you
    If there are 20 cookies per 7 milks, how many cookies are there if there is only 3 milks?