Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Karl's Proportion Problems

If 5 pencils cost 20 cents,how much would 15 pencils cost?

For every person who actually has the flu,there are 6 people who have flu-like symptoms resulting from a cold.If a doctor sees 40 patients,write and solve a proportion to determine how many of these you would expect to have a cold.

The ratio of the length of the actual height of a person to the length of their shadow cast is 1:3, At the same time,a lighthouse casts a shadow that is 600 meters long. How tall is the lighthouse?


  1. The answer to your question is that the lighthouse is 200 meters tall. I like the way you did Tang on a piece of paper >.<

  2. The lighthouse will be 200 meters tall. Btw, dont forget to add pictures in two of your problems (including the link). Thats all. Good job! :)

  3. Hi Karl, i should copy your way to saying thank you to people.>.<