Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kallyl's Rate Problem

Group Word Problem-(Rate To Unit Rate)
Theirs 12 paintbrushes, and 6 people wants to share it, how many does one person get?

Unit Rate To Rate Word Problems

Atsuki's family is going on a long drive to Bomun Pavilion, Gyeongju, Korea. And Bomun Pavilion is 600 miles away.If Atsuki drive 55km/h and he goes faster by 150km, how long will it take to get to Alberta?

Shariki received $6 from her mom. Her mom sent her to the store to buy a 3 litres bottle of milk, when she arrived in the store she realizes that she has 20 dollars in her pocket and she wants to surprise her mom a larger bottle of milk, if she have $26 in total how many litres of milk can she buy?

Rate To Unit Rate Word Problems

Nakatsu was invited to a friend's birthday party, he wants to buy the celebrant a cool gift. After school he went looking for a present, he saw a whole package of 8 100 ml lava lamps that costed $37. How Much is one lava lamp?

Korochi has a chicken farm, he has 45 chickens in his farm, he realizes that his chickens lay 9 eggs for every 5 hours (9 eggs in 5 hours).How many eggs do the chickens lay per an hour?

Videos In How Unit Rate and Rate Problem Works

Unit Rate Problem (All from YouTube)




Rate Problem (All from YouTube)



  1. The answer for first question is 2 for each person. I got this answer by doing multiplying and dividing. :D

  2. The answer for your chicken question is 1.8 eggs (so about 2 eggs) per hour. I got this by dividing the amount of hours to the amount of eggs

    Revised question:
    Korochi has a chicken farm with a total of 30 chickens. He realizes that they lay 36 eggs every 6 hours. How many eggs do his chickens lay per hour?

  3. Korochi's chickens lay 6 eggs for one hours, i got this answer by dividing 36 to 6 and i got 6 for that.>.<