Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kim's Proportion Problem

1.) To make lemonade, you need 6 lemons and 8 cups of water. How many lemons do you need if you have 24 cups of water ?

Let "x" be how many lemons you need for 24 cups of water
Steps : word ratio , ratio table , proportion , find x

To make lemonade with 24 cups of water you will need 18 lemons.

2.) A 20 gigabyte digital music player sells for $249. A similar 30-gigabyte player sells for $349. Which player offers the better price per gigabyte of storage ? 

Let "x" be which music player is the best price per gigabyte of storage.
Steps : word ratio , ratio table (2) , Proportion (2) , find x and y 

The music player that has the best price per gigabyte of storage is the 30 gigabyte because it's cheaper and it has more gigabyte of storage.

Your problem* 

3) The ratio of of an object's weight on Earth to its weight on the Moon is 6:1. The first person to walk on the Moon was Neil Armstrong. He weighed 165 pounds on Earth. How much did he weigh on the moon ?


  1. The answer is 27.5 pounds on the moon

    6(x) = 1(165)
    6x = 165
    6x/6 165/6

  2. The answer for your question is:
    ~He (Neil Armstrong) would weight 27.5 pounds in the moon
    (I did cross multiplying)